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We are  very grateful to you for your contribution towards our school. We feel very proud to say that the students  are using pitronix  computers for their study and other related activities. It is also helpful to teachers to provide different activity based learning programs to students. Our students are very lucky that they have got such facilities in our school. It is our immense pleasure to thank you from the bottom of our  heart for your support.

Harekala Hajabba School

Near 8 and half month  over.  purpose of using EZEEPC because seeing  phone till 3 hours  is not so easy and also I wanted   to  learn computer in home. You must  buy EZEEPC.  Thank you..



I bought the eZeepC for my grandson, who is in Std 7. He is using it since Feb 2021, and learnt to operate it within less than 3 days. The biggest plus point is the visual distance from the screen , no eyestrain, or bad body posture. Online school sessions are so much better, he can see his teacher and classmates too. He doesn’t want to use the laptop anymore, and he says “I love my eZeePC”. ….what a good decision it was to buy this product.



Thank you Mam, I am very proud to take the eZeePC. I am practising computer subject in eZeePC . It became very easy to learn for my exams and tests. My sisters are enjoying in computer by many things. My father is also trying to learn that how to use computers properly. It is very useful for my family members. I am very thankful to take the eZeePC



Using eZeePC in a hybrid e class – “Thank you, it was a different experience, I really feel with strong network connection and power backup, this could work well, especially for maths class, where lot of explanation is needed. I like how I could see kids on the screen….it felt a little more normal class than usual online.


Volunteer Trainer, TeachForIndia

Middle school Teacher for Science & Math,-“Given the circumstances, we were looking for a solution which can help us in implementing a hybrid model for our school, with an average strength of 55 students/class. Thankfully we met the eZeePC team. eZeePC provides a seamless platform to address our needs. 


Middle school Teacher for Science & Math